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Labtested Sarms

All of our sarms supplements undergo stringent lab test methods before making it to the market. All sarms undergo an HPLC test where rapid screening happens. Unlike others, the samples don’t need to be prepared following a lengthy process. It can be placed directly for screening. Consequently, the components are separated, sensitively detected, and then quantified using a TLC scanner.
We possess separate reports for each type of sarms. The labtested sarms showcase a chromatographic purity percentage. Now, what’s that? Well, the chromatographic purity test is conducted to verify that the impurities detected don’t surpass the recommended limit.
LGD4033 batch ligan1162018-0602
MK677 batch MK1162018-1502
Labtest LGD-4033
Labtest Ostarine
Labtest LGD-4033
Batch LIGAN1162019-1508
Labtest Cardarine
Labtest MK667
Labtest Ligandrol LGD4033
Batch: LIGAN1162021-0502
Labtest MK667
Batch: MK1162021-0302