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A rundown of the best ways to use SARMS for muscle building

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, or as we call them, SARMS, have become quite the talk of the town lately. From young adults in their 20s to fitness enthusiasts above 40, everybody is obsessing over the modern-day supplement: SARMS. It is being widely used across the globe for muscle building, increasing strength, and fat loss. In addition, they’ve succeeded the anabolic steroids in terms of results.
As we all know, in the previous generations, several people have lost their lives due to the adverse effects of using anabolic steroids excessively. So, before trying out a new supplement, we should all be aware of its right dosage.
Fortunately, SARMs come with safety assurance. It delivers similar results as steroids except for the fatal side effects. We’ve curated this guide to help people realize the benefits of SARMS when consumed in the right dosage. Read on to know more.

Decoding SARMS

The profession of bodybuilding demands strong determination, focus, and hard work. However, simply working out hard for the physique is not enough to achieve their desired body. You also need to take suitable supplements to boost your growth and physical work. This is where SARMS come in to assist your muscle growth. Also known as legal steroids, SARMS were originally meant to act as drugs in treating muscle loss in people with cancer. However, athletes and fitness enthusiasts took advantage of this opportunity.
It accelerates muscle growth by binding the androgen receptors together, which further signals the growth of your muscles. With each passing day, various research works focus on the use of SARMS in the fitness industry. As a result, a lot of information is coming into the limelight gradually.

Advantages of using SARMs

It’s very important to note that there are a lot of varieties when we talk about SARMs. Every variant of SARMs is different, and therefore, their side effects also vary. For instance, the best SARMS for sale so far for lean bulk is RAD 140. If you’re going for cut, blindly go for Ostarine. In a broader sense, the benefits offered by all the SARMS are quite similar and vary slightly. Some of the advantages of SARMS consumption are:

  • Rapid fat loss
  • Enhanced Strength Gains
  • High Muscle mass
  • Athletic endurance and much more

Researchers have suggested that these are extremely powerful components while speaking of muscle building. Some consumers have mentioned that they have gained muscle mass of 10, 15, or in some cases, 20 pounds. All this is doable, just by following a single cycle of SARMS.


Before you decide to buy SARMS online or from an offline store nearby, you should know that they are readily available in three forms. They are:

  • Powder: SARMS is available in powder form. It is the original one serving as a source for other forms of SARMs after processing.
  • Liquid: To help the consumers easily calculate the amount of dosage, SARMs are also available in the liquid form. And it’s commonly used by beginners and professionals equally.
  • Pill or Capsule: The capsule form is in place to save you from the trouble of weighing and calculating. This is why it’s the perfect choice for beginners.

Why SARMs instead of Steroids?

Given a choice between SARMS and Steroids, we recommend you go for SARMS. This is because the responsible consumption of SARMS in the right amount will reduce the intensity of side effects and damage.
When we talk about their mode of action and chemical structure, they’re quite different from each other. Steroids are less preferred than SARMS UK, because they put more pressure on the liver. Most athletes and weight lifters side with SARMS for this particular reason.
While SARMs are popular for their selective effect, steroids are not. Unlike SARMS, steroids are infused with aromatics and converted to estrogen, further suppressing testosterone.

How to use SARMS in the best possible way?

The first and foremost thing is to hunt for the most reputable vendor to get your hands on the best quality SARMS. SARMS is available in all forms, such as liquid, raw powder, or capsules. There are different types of SARMS supplements to choose from. Separate dosages are ideal for beginners and professionals. Now, let’s find out the different types of SARMS and the right dosage to consume.
1. Ostarine
Ostarine does a wonderful job of imitating the testosterone hormone. It makes your body burn fat while assisting in developing lean muscle mass. Consumption of one gram of Ostarine is ideal to achieve the desired outcome. Initially, it would be best to stick to a small portion, and you can up your dosage after completing three weeks.
Previous users have admitted the amazing athletic boost it provides. There should at least be 24 hours between your dosages. Avoid consuming t just before or during your physical training sessions. For best results, take it once a day, during the morning hours, or right after your training session.
2. Cardarine
Are you currently in your phase of cutting? Well, it’s pretty tough and requires a lot of work. However, cardarine is here to assist you throughout your journey of cutting. Originally, it was created to boost cardiovascular health and benefit diabetes & blood vessels. It is a PPAR-delta activator that can stimulate many weight loss genes.
Their main function is to burn fat, reduce the recovery period, suppress inflammation, and boost endurance. You should consume 10 to 20 mg of cardarine half an hour before your training session. The combination of cardarine with other SARMS such as Ibutamoren, Cardarine and Ostarine is beginner-friendly.
3. Andarine
The very first SARM that came into recognition was Andarine. Its properties are quite similar to that of Ostarine. Andranie works amazingly for bodybuilders who look forward to bulking. Unlike Ostarine, Andraine has been only tested on animals until now.
While helping you build a muscular and lean body, it will also keep your body fat levels in check. Apart from that, the supplement also helps strengthen bone density and eliminate serious injuries. A dosage of 25-75mg thrice a day is enough. Make sure to keep an interval of three to four hours between your doses.
4. Ligandrol
If you are looking for the most widely talked about SARM, then Ligandrol is the answer to all your queries. You can shed fat as rapidly as you gain muscles by consuming this variant of SARM. Since it is proven safe to use by clinical trial, SARMS for sale is readily available online.
The users have observed changes in their bodies within three weeks of consuming Ligandrol. Beginners should consume 10 mg of Ligandrol per day. However, the professionals can go as high as 20 mg daily, as stated by the clinical studies.
5. Testolone
The use of testolone started as a drug used for the treatment of cancer patients who lost weight rapidly due to the sickness. Eventually, the talk about its potential benefits in the fitness industry started spreading. And now, testolone is the most potent sarms supplement available.
It helps increase mass on both sides of your lower pelvis. Thus it helps in your bulking cycle. Your consumption of Testolone doses should have an interval of at least 20 hours. So, it’s safe to say that you can take it daily. However, to eliminate the risk of any possible side effects, keep your everyday dose limited to 20 mg.      

Best Cycles to follow

Now that the basics are covered, we can move on to discuss some cycles that you can follow. Here are all the details about the two cycles and the expected results.

Bulking Cycle

If you are currently in your bulking period and have a certain body goal to achieve, SARMs are your answer. You can use the combination of Ibutamoren and Ligandrol in your initial two months. During this period, it will help you gain a lot. You could focus on your training and convert it into muscle after the gaining period. However, you need to follow strict dosage guidelines during this cycle.
Your dosage chart will include 5 mg of Lingandrol for eight weeks every day. Simultaneously, you will consume 15 mg of Ibutamoren for sixteen weeks every day. Professionals have revealed that this cycle will help you bulk and enhance your sleep, increase appetite, and boost stamina during session hours. So you can get your hands on SARMS UK, online at a fairly reasonable price.

Cutting Cycle

To lose fat, you will have to put your body into a calorie deficit. During your cutting days, mix Ostraine with cardarine to cut fat and build lean muscles simultaneously. You can expect to cut 7% of your body fat by this cycle. This is backed by anecdotal evidence.
The dosage guidelines for this cycle involve the consumption of 15 mg of Ostarine and 10 mg of Cardarine for eight weeks every day. You can eliminate PCT as these SARMs do not suppress testosterone severely.   

Is it safe to stack multiple SARMS?

If you are planning to step into the consumption of multiple stacks of SARMS, know that it needs experience, knowledge, and a very strong organism. Beginners should keep a safe distance from this practice. However, professionals are known to indulge in multiple stacking. The experienced ones buy SARMS of three to four varieties. Some even go to the extent of combining five varieties for enhanced athletic stimulation.
If you are a beginner, start by making your body used to the chemical. Then, consume a fixed dose of SARMs regularly until you are certain that there are no side effects. Eventually, you can move up your dosage or plan to combine the chemicals as advised by a professional.

Does it hamper the libido?

No such adverse effects of SARMS have been recorded so far. Furthermore, it cannot hamper your sexual performance. Instead, it’s said that SARMs can actually put you in an erotic mood. It fights sexual dysfunction, if any, and enhances sexual performance.
Note that anabolic steroids have a history of hampering libido. As mentioned earlier, they suppress the testosterone, which is solely responsible for stimulating men’s libido. As a result, it leads to disastrous sexual performance.


Before you jump to the nearest store in SARMS UK, make sure you have all the necessary information and an expert’s guidance by your side. Studies have revealed that most organisms can safely tolerate SARMS. Currently, the FDA is conducting stringent tests and clinical trials to treat people who have osteoporosis, muscle waste, etc.
Eventually, SARMs are building their reputation in the medical treatment and fitness industry. However, it’s not to be ignored that higher risks are also involved here. However, if you proceed with facts and the right guidance, you will soon reach your goal without any possible side effects.
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