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Ostarine Explained After Boxer Ryan Garcia's Positive Test

Boxer Ryan Garcia Tested Positive for Ostarine: All You Need To Know About This Drug

It has been all over the news over the past days: rising star Ryan Garcia tested positive for Ostarine. Not only has this fact sparked conversations about the future of Garcia – but it has also highlighted the risks of the double-edged sword that is the use of supplements in sports.

With the market flooded by myriad supplement options, making informed choices has never

been more crucial. In this guide by BMM Supplements, we’ll look at what happened to Ryan Garcia’s, we’ll cover all you need to know about Ostarine, and we’ll explain why this supplement is banned in competitions. Let’s dive in.

Who is Ryan Garcia? What You Need To Know About The Rising Star Of The Boxing Sky

Over the past years, for boxing fans and enthusiasts, the name of Ryan Garcia has become synonymous with speed, power, and charisma. Bursting onto the professional boxing scene at just 17, Garcia rapidly ascended the ranks and established himself as one of the most promising new-entries in the world of international professional boxing. The athlete, which had the interim lightweight title under his belt by 2021, also boasts a whole range of records – including winning 25 out of 26 fights!

Ryan Garcia and Ostarine Use: Let’s Recap

In an unexpected turn of events, Ryan Garcia found himself amidst controversy when he tested positive for Ostarine before and after his world title fight against Devin Haney, a former amateur rival, on April 20, 2024. Ostarine, as we are about to see below, is a substance renowned for its muscle-building and performance-enhancing properties, which has been banned in competitive sports.

The news, which came after Garcia’s unexpected victory over Devin Haney, cast a shadow over what was considered a triumph! This episode has now forced a sharp focus on the importance of substance awareness and the side effects athletes may face when pursuing peak performance.

For Garcia, this moment is undeniably pivotal – not only because of the immediate repercussions but also because the young star will find himself in the position of having to get back on the path of integrity and responsibility moving forwar

Unpacking Ostarine – What Is It and How It Works

Ostarine (MK 2866), medically known as Enobosarm, is classified under Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs). Its primary function is to target and bind to androgen receptors in bones and muscles. This targeted and highly selective process mimics the action of testosterone, but without the side effects commonly associated with steroids.

This drug facilitates muscle growth and promotes bone density, offering therapeutic benefits with reduced impact on the liver or blood pressure. Additionally, it may help in tissue regeneration, making it a potentially beneficial compound for medical use. However, as we’ll see below, this supplement also falls within the category of PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) – the most common subcategory of which are anabolic-androgenic steroids.

The Draw of Ostarine: Why Athletes Might Reach for It

Over the past years, Ostarine has gained popularity due to the several positive health effects and benefits it offers to athletes and amateurs. These include:

  • Weight Management Ostarine aids weight loss by selectively targeting and signaling muscles to grow without the corresponding increase in fat tissue, promoting a leaner physique.
  • Muscle Building:Accelerates muscle growth and strength.
  • Fat Reduction:Aids in burning fat while preserving muscle mass, ideal for weight-class sports like boxing!
  • Injury Recovery: Promotes quicker recovery from bone and muscle injuries.
  • Endurance:Boosts stamina, allowing for more rigorous and prolonged training sessions.
  • Lesser Side Effects:Compared to traditional steroids, it carries fewer androgenic side effects.
  • Bone Health:Enhances bone density, which is crucial for sports like boxing, which involve high impacts.

Navigating the Side Effects of Ostarine

While Ostarine may be able to carry significant benefits, it isn’t free of risks and side effects. These include:

  • Hormonal Disruption: Can cause imbalance with testosterone levels, which can cause long-term hormonal issues.
  • Liver Stress:Ostarine can add undue stress on the liver, which can influence its functioning, especially if you suffer from liver problems.
  • Mood Fluctuations:Ostarine can also impact mental health, with some users experiencing mood swings and depression.

How Garcia’s Case Affects His Career and Boxing

Ryan Garcia’s positive test for Ostarine may have affected not just his victory but also his entire career. That is because Ostarine is classed by the World Anti-Doping Agency as a banned performance-enhancing drug in the category of anabolic agents, alongside other selective androgen receptor modulators like andarine and ligandrol.

Because of this classification, athletes found with Ostarine in their system face severe repercussions. For Garcia, this could mean suspension or disqualification from competitions. It can also tarnish his reputation in the industry – something highlighted by the

most recent comment on the matter by boxing champion Conor McGregor.

Supplement Smart: Why Consulting a Specialist Before Taking Ostarine is Non-Negotiable

Navigating the world of supplements, particularly substances like Ostarine, isn’t easy, especially without the help of an expert. At BMM Supplements, you’ll find high-quality supplements – like Osta Power – alongside all the help, guidance, and support you need in your athletic journey.


The information provided below is a general disclaimer and should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice. Sarms are not approved by the FDA for human consumption. The content of this communication is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice or a recommendation for the use of any specific product, including SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators). The use of SARMs without proper medical supervision can pose serious health risks and may lead to adverse side effects, including but not limited to hormonal imbalances, liver toxicity, and cardiovascular complications. Individuals considering the use of SARMs should consult a qualified healthcare professional and fully understand the potential risks associated with their usage. This communication does not endorse, promote, or encourage the use of SARMs for any purpose and shall not be held liable for any consequences resulting from the misuse, abuse, or misinterpretation of the information provided herei.It is imperative to prioritize one’s health and well-being by making informed decisions and seeking professional guidance when contemplating the use of any performance-enhancing substances.

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