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We’re going to be talking about the SARM MK677, which technically isn’t a SARM, but you often hear people refer to it as one. When the SARMs are considered as illegal and WADA banned its consumption, the only legal thing that you can use is the Ibutamoren. Nutrobal or Ibutamoren also called as the MK677 investigational drug is a GH secret agogue. It basically excites the pituitary gland in the body which in return release the Growth Hormone.

So, what are the benefits, what’s people actually want to know more? Let’s answer these questions first. It’s basically a far cheaper version of getting HGH, your lab rat would get better muscle growth, improve sleep, better skin, hair and nails promote more fat loss with little to almost no side effects. So MK677 actually promotes muscle growth through increasing your GH and IGF one levels which makes it obviously a lot easier to put on sighs

Now we can speak from personal experience with our lab rat taking MK677 at a dosage of 20 milligrams per day the amount of deep sleep your lab rat is going to get is actually insane and it’s almost too much because you get such a deep sleep you actually wake up still tired.

We have noticed a lot of results out there for other lab rats that have experienced the same exact thing and we guess since that could technically fall under the realm of side effects we might as well talk about what the other potential side effects for MK677 are. But some that are listed are swollen joints numb and tingling skin, muscle and joint pain, increased water retention and being tired throughout the day.

How side effect of MK677 is good for you

Now another one we don’t hear a lot of people talking about is the hunger pains which obviously is totally fine if you’re doing a bulking cycle or even maintenance where you’re able to eat around your caloric maintenance or in a surplus, but I would highly urge anyone that is debating on a caloric deficit for a show prep or just overall weight loss to avoid MK677. Because the hunger side effect that comes along with it is insane. And I guess you could actually benefit from it. Maybe you’re someone who never has an appetite and are not able to get enough calories to actually grow, then MK677 might actually be your best bet for being able to put down more food throughout the day.

Now you briefly heard us touching on the dosage for a lab rat with MK677. We see no need to ever go above 20 milligrams once daily, but you’ll commonly see it run 20 to 30 milligrams daily. We think if you go above that 30-milligram threshold, you’re not actually gaining anything more and then basically you’re just flushing your remaining amount down the toilet. So you’re gonna get the highest benefits at around the 20 to 30 milligram per day mark.

Also, in the beginning, the blog as you heard us that we mentioned it’s a cheaper version of HGH. That is probably one of the biggest appeals to MK677 is so extremely cheap in the grand scheme of things compared to if you are on high pharmaceutical grade HGH, where some people physically can’t even make enough salary to pay for the HGH. This is something where you’re getting practically the same exact benefits and getting the HGH like results for a far cheaper cost.

PCT with MK677

Do you need any type of PCT with MK677? The answer to that question is no because it’s not suppressive and it doesn’t affect your test levels and can actually run for longer durations of time. Your lab rat will not need any type of PCT so just to make that clear, there is no PCT that is needed for taking MK677 alone. Another big difference between MK677 and other SARMs on the market is normally most sarms you want to run for around eight to 12 weeks with MK677 to actually get the most benefits out of it. As you heard us mentioning earlier on. You want to run it for a longer period of time.

We’re talking months upon months, maybe six months at a time, because it’s actually going to take up to several weeks before you actually start feeling the full effects. It has also been shown through studies that MK677 helps heal injuries, both previous and current.

Can you Stack MK677 with SARMs

There’s also the common questions of what to stack MK677 with and I do believe it is best one stacked with others arms. If your lab rats goal was a bulk then it would be MK677, LGD 4033. If it’s for a cut which I mentioned I don’t recommend but I know a lot of people still want to do it. That would be MK677 with S23 or S4. The possibilities are endless and that is really the beauty behind SARMs is how interchangeable they are together.

More muscle

Another important and big benefit of MK677  is that it can increase the body lean mass and along with that, your body fat will be burned. In a study of 8-weeks, they tested MK677 on the subjects and they were able to get the pure muscle of 6.6 lbs. The best part of this muscle gain is that it’s not temporary muscle gain. The gains that you get by endogenous GH incentive are permanent. Which simply means you won’t be losing your muscle gain if you stop using the compound after gaining them muscle.

Many of the people also stated that you get the results in 8 to 10 weeks but in order to feel the big difference that too in the mirror, you have to use it for at least 20 to 24 weeks.

Overall wellbeing

MK677 is not only for the muscle and body gain but also it is responsible for boosting the protection system of the body. Along with that, it is also beneficial for improving the quality of the skin and also the rate of hair growth is improved. That’s also one of the reasons people love to take this Nutrobal. It is also responsible for recovering and restoring the damages that can be made by harsh compounds in the cycle.


So after reading all about MK677, it can be said easily that this is a perfect partner for you if you are looking for the best cutting edge, body fat and muscle gain. It has all-around performance and it can be used for many situations. If you are looking for muscle gain, losing body fat, and all that related stuff in no time and without any major side effects than the MK677 is your perfect pick.