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Pentadecapeptide or BPC-157 is composed of 15 amino acids. It is a limited sequence of body protection compound (BPC) that is discovered in and isolated from human gastric juice. It has been experimentally proved that it plays an excellent role in healing of many different wounds, including transected rat Achilles tendon. BPC-157 may involve in maintaining of GI mucosa integrity, with no toxic effect. BPC-157 has successful connection with the therapy of GI tract, periodontitis, liver and pancreas lesions and in the curing of various tissues and wounds.


BPC-157 also quickens wound healing and through interaction with the Nitric Oxide (NO) system it causes defense of endothelial tissue and an “angiogenic” process of blood vessel building within wound healing effect. Studies reveal that following symptoms can be cured by the use of BPC-157:


  • Irritable bowel disease in which it stimulates expression of genes responsible for cytokine
  • Growth factor generation
  • Extracellular matrix (collagen) formation
  • Intestinal anastomosis healing
  • Reversal of short bowel syndrome
  • Fistula healing


Clinical judgments have shown that governing BPC-157 to rats suffering from arthritis and stomach ulcers decreases inflammation. This peptide BPC-157 also condensed inflammation in patients with an inflamed esophagus. In handling inflammatory bowel disease, the safety and efficiency of peptide BPC-157 have also been validated. BPC-157 peptide has been presented for studies to increase the impacts of human growth hormone by improving the availability of the human development hormonal agent receptor. Building the use of BPC-157 peptide in combination with other peptides that increase the schedule of individual growth hormonal agent will surely apply and potentiate these impressions.


BPC-157 as a gastric peptide may have results as remedy in various CNS-disorders. Effective use of BPC-157 causes neuro-protective properties:


  • Protects somatosensory neurons
  • Peripheral nerve regeneration apparent after transection
  • After traumatic brain injury counteracts other progressing course
  • In rat spinal cord compression with tail paralysis
  • Axonal and neuronal necrosis


BPC-157 acts majorly as a gastric peptide which has many benefits ranging from irritable bowel disease to neuro-protective properties. Effective and regularized usage of this peptide may have certain clinical and health benefits.


Disclaimer :
For laboratory and research purposes only.Must be handled by qualified and licensed professionals. Bodily introduction of any kind into humans and/or animals is strictly forbidden by law.