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GW0742 is a Selective Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptor (PPAR) agonist, has been shown to improve metabolic abnormalities including insulin resistance in skeletal muscle. The GW0742 is not a SARM. Moderately, it is one of the PPAR delta agonists and hereafter behaves just like any other drug of its group. Along with many other points, GW0742’s most important function is to break down the fats inside consumer’s body. Such a break down provides the body with strong energy.

GW0742 is also helpful in improving weight loss by making the feeling of less hunger. It plays an important role by effectively reducing consumer’s hunger to lower body fat percentage levels. Improved stamina and improved endurance will also boost up other benefits like an increase in muscle strength & mass as well as a reduction in abdominal fat.

The chemical structure of GW0742 reveals that there is only a small variance in one atom between the two compounds. This indicates that GW0742 might not be that much different from Cardarine and that their properties may in fact be similar.


GW0742 works just like any PPAR delta agonist. It basically has two functions.

  • Turning our fat into an energy source
  • Increasing the oxidative capability of our muscles

This means that technically GW0742 has amazing actions when it comes to increasing endurance in athletes. GW0742 also improves insulin sensitivity which should lower the happening of type II diabetes. A few experimental observations of this drug have also proved it to be a great caring drug for the human heart. GW0742 has been showed to be helpful with right heart hypertrophy by changing the fundamental gene’s structure. GW0742 supplements work by increasing muscle cell metabolism and decreasing fat stores through encouraging lipolysis (breakdown of fats). The supplement’s main active ingredient can raise muscle growth and endurance in humans. Consumer’s claim that GW0742 is more dominant than Cardarine, according to some observations it is up to 200 times more powerful than GW501516. However, the difference in the structures of the two compounds is very minimal, so they are probably not that different from each other even in the results made.

Benefits of GW0742:

There are many potential and applicable benefits of GW0742.

  • Fat loss:

Consumer can presume an increase in fat loss when taking GW0742. The drug increases metabolism and stimulates the body to turn to fat for fuel. It also increases the oxidative ability of the muscles helping you to burn more calories. GW0742 breaks down adipose in different parts of the body; from the arms and legs to the abdomen. It can be a great supplement for bodybuilders looking to scrap a few pounds of fat to improve muscle characterization. The drug will help you achieve this without attacking your lean muscle mass gains.

  • Improves lipid profile:

GW0742 has shown that even when managed in small dosages, it successfully improves lipid metabolism in the heart. This means that consumer’s lipid profile will look a lot healthier while taking GW0742, as it will handle triglycerides much easier from now on.

  • Lessens Gut Inflammation:

GW0742 has certain anti-inflammatory properties that can benefit consumer’s gut. Though several studies have stated this, scientists are still asking for more clinical trials to appreciate the potential benefits and uses of GW0742 in treating gut inflammation.

  • Lowers cholesterol level:

The effects of GW0742 revealed it as a great drug for maintaining the body’s cholesterol levels. The drug once it spreads inside the body towards the target points backs the process of cholesterol transport to blood. In this way most of the cholesterol taken by the body is forced towards the digestive tracts and later gets expelled from the body.

  • Better workout results:

GW0742 is a great drug when it comes to increasing fat degeneration inside the body. This makes it very beneficial for anyone trying to get rid of their body fat during the exercise and other physical activities.

  • More energy:

The breakdown of the stored body fats by GW0742 results in more energy production in the body. This is particularly helpful for anyone with a high physical activity rate. More energy production helps people feel less tired and retains their stamina active for longer.

  • Improves heart health:

GW0742’s consistent intake helps your heart and circulatory system in numerous ways. It strengthens the valves, helps expand the rate of blood flow, keeps the arteries clear of any clogging and makes the cardiovascular muscles stronger.

  • Better kidney and liver:

A faster breakdown of fats and the maintenance of body lipids help GW0742 in keeping the kidneys and liver improved and working normally for a longer age. Reduced fats in the body and reduced chances of inflammation as a result of GW0742 intake weaken the chances of disease development in any of these organs.

  • Reduced chance of skeletal system problems:

GW0742 avoids the inflammation and fibrillation in bones and cartilage. This makes it a good agent to keep the skeleton healthier for a longer age and reducing any causality of related diseases.

Side effects:

The best thing about this drug’s intake is that it comes with no incurable or major side effects. It is also important to understand that because no human trials or testing has been accompanied, the full range of side effects is undefined.

All a consumer has to do is take critical care of the dosage and do not take GW0742 every day without asked by a medical practitioner. By making sure this, consumer would probably get no noticeable side effects of GW0742.

The only risk associated with this drug’s intake in some people is the development of a bigger than the normal heart. If one dozes on significant grams of GW0742 every day, he/she’s body might have lessened levels of activated calcineurin. The activation of this element causes the heart to expand, sometimes becoming a danger for life.

  • Headache/migraine headaches:

Temporary headaches and migraines may be practiced upon starting or increasing GW0742 usage. The headaches are characteristically mild and take place within three to seven days of intake.

  • Diarrhea:

Hurting diarrhea can be experienced with irregular and un-prescribed dosage of GW0742.

  • Irregular heartbeat:

Rapid heartbeat and shivers may occur when taking GW0742 without consulting with medical practitioner. This side effect is occasional but possible.

Availability and dosage:

GW0742 drug is available in a liquid form. Users simply distribute drops onto their tongue, or it can be added to a juice or beverage of your choice. There are no official dosing amounts or schedules. Most bodybuilders take 10mg per day and succession for eight weeks or less. It is unclear if the same will happen in normal consumer. It is very important to visit the doctor or expert to determine if the heart has been affected.


GW0742 is a Selective Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptor (PPAR) agonist. It is practically available in the liquid state and has certain health benefits for its consumers especially for bodybuilders. The most important thing is to take the right dosage and cycle with the advice of expert doctor or practitioner. GW0742 has a lot potential health benefits ranging from fat reduction to improved skeletal problems. The plus point of this drug is that it does not imposes any major side effect on its consumer.

Disclaimer :
For laboratory and research purposes only.Must be handled by qualified and licensed professionals. Bodily introduction of any kind into humans and/or animals is strictly forbidden by law.


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