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RAD140 is a recent introduction in the world of SARMS, aiming to boost your body’s testosterone levels, minus the adverse effects. It’s a substitute for testosterone as receptors respond to RAD140 in the exact same manner as testosterone. It’s known to strip off excess fat from your body and facilitate muscle rebuilding. Also, people popularly go by the term “Testolone” to buy RAD 140. It’s an extremely strong androgen receptor modulator responsible for the recomposition of your body.

Furthermore, the sarms rad140 possesses compounds that encourage androgen activities and reduce prostate cancer risk. Being a tissue-selective product, it only binds to androgens of muscles and bones, such as testosterone, androstenedione, and dihydrotestosterone . Upon binding, the compound accelerates the growth & development of muscles and bones. Point to be noted: Unlike steroids, it doesn’t put your vital organs at risk.

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Testolone is a popular supplement used by many athletes and bodybuilders. Despite it being an excellent source that helps pack on size and strength, it is unapproved due to limited studies and experiments; thus, it all comes down to the user’s discretion to use it or not.

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