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RAD140 Testolone

RAD140 is the one of the most powerful SARM (Selective androgen Receptor Modulators) also known as testolone. SARMs are the safe alternatives to steroids. The user will experience the benefits without having any sort of side effect, that’s why most of the bodybuilder use it. By consuming RAD140 a huge increase in lean muscle mass and strength is expected. Another benefit beside the bodybuilding is that you can also lose your fats, which is almost impossible in the other way. Due to its strong bonding affinity, you can see drastic results. Androgen receptor binding affinity makes it strongest one. Rad140 has high anabolic ratio that’s why it’s a great mass builder. RAD140 does not mess up with biological system, it is very selective in its action that is it works on the specific growth and development areas of muscle and bones. It starts working in as early as possible of week 2 of cycle. RAD140 also has a hardening effect. By using RAD140 you will start enjoying your workout. It also improves overall health and has a positive impact on mood. It helps reduce swelling of the prostate gland. Testolone also increases brain cells growth and protects them from amyloid beta protein. Researchers are still working on it to check its liability in long term but due to its quick effects, bodybuilders are using it.
There are different opinions for dosage of RAD140. It is so much strong that only few milligrams are enough. One of the good thing about testolone is that it last long, about 15-20 hours is its half-life. So you only need to take it once a day. It is better to start at low dosage because it is anabolic at low dosage. Researchers suggest to  take around 20mg of dose which is considered good for everyone.  The cycle of using RAD140 last from 6-8 weeks or maximum of 10 weeks. This SARM don’t have any reported side effects, it all depends on the user experience, only few of the little side effects are blood pressure, suppression, aggression, nausea. Different users can have different impact of RAD140 also depending on their dose but keep in mind that there is no information about long term effects so this SARM. One can change its physique totally by using it, and it is considered be to be more potent than others.
When it comes to comparing RAD140 and LGD, they both are best for building lean mass muscle. LGD is good at building mass and strength but it is still not as good as RAD140, because RAD140 has more anabolic activity.
SARMs are selective to what they do, this mean that they have low side effects. One should not go overboard in dose and in cycle length. Generally, it is said that after only 28 days of use one can fell increase in lean muscle and strength, and you will not only notice increase in muscle mass but also an increase in bone density which the bodybuilders in getting better physique.