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Know more about RAD 140 and its effectiveness as per the claims

Has RAD140 or Testolone caught your attention? Want to know more about RAD 140 and its effectiveness as per the claims? Want to verify this overhyped SARM and its uses? Check out this article to get your answers instantly.
This article will cover every aspect related to the RAD140 or Testolone, a physical superiority enhancing product for exercise fanatics and those aiming for a fit, healthy body. Low or average performance is never acceptable for bodybuilders, athletes, sportspersons, and gym lovers. Due to this, a  lot of people use anabolic steroids regularly to improve their overall athletic performance. Today, in an era where many anabolic steroids are banned, several safer health supplements are still available in the market to replace harmful medicines and provide you with instant, effective results without wasting time and money.
The RAD140 or Testolone is a similar product. It is best known for its safer consumption and an effective action equal to potent anabolic steroids.

Product information:

  • Generic Name — Trestolone
  • Group – Investigational, Experimental
  • Type – Small molecule
  • Molecular formula – C20H16ClN5O2
  • Molecular weight – 83
  • Molar mass — 288.42 g/mol
  • Storage — 3 years -20°C powder 2 years -80°C in solvent

What Are SARMs?

SARM stands for selective androgen receptor modulators. These agents can bind to the androgen receptors located in different areas of the human body. The receptors interact with the androgens, i.e., steroidal hormones such as dihydrotestosterone, testosterone, and androstenedione. SARMs and androgenic hormones target the same receptors to produce similar effects on the liver, bones, and muscles.
SARMs are of great interest to the researchers mainly because they are quite selective about their mode of action.  Most aim for bone tissues and muscles with little to no effects on the prostate and other body organs.  With these findings, many researchers believe in SARM’s ability to treat muscle wasting and hormone-related problems with fewer side effects than the current treatment options.  However, it is still an unproven hypothesis with no data or evidence to back it up.  This capability has also made SARM compounds one of the most popular choices over steroids or testosterone products for bodybuilders.  Although commercially available products can boost muscle growth, they also negatively affect their reproductive organs and prostate.

What Is RAD140 Or Testolone?

Testolone is one of the most potent SARM out there. SARM or selective androgen receptor modulators are known as safe alternative products to steroids. These compounds can only bind to the androgen receptors in your muscles and bones to produce powerful local anabolic effects without making you experience severe side effects.  These products have become extremely popular only because they work very well as a performance enhancer.

RAD140 or Testolone is found and manufactured to be the most effective yet safer alternative to testosterone replacement therapy.  Apart from this,  it can also be used for treating muscle wasting diseases because of its ability to increase lean muscle growth.  Athletes and bodybuilders often choose this product to improve their performance,  increase muscle size and optimize their appearance in weight training.   So if you also wish to develop your muscle mass in the best possible conditions without causing any harm to your health,  the best companion is RAD140.
After comparing RAD140 or Testolone with other SARMs out there,  it is one of the most potent ones you can ever lay your hands on!  It is evident from the available clinical data that this compound is even potent than MK-2866 or LGD-4033, especially when it comes to strength training and building muscle mass.


Radius Health, Inc. was the first to discover it and develop it. Patients with breast cancer were enrolled in the first-in-human research in 2017. It was licensed to Ellipses Pharmaceuticals three years later, in 2020.

Mechanism of Action

Trestolone is a potent inhibitor of releasing the luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). As spermatogenesis requires both testosterone and FSH, it is impaired by the reduction in FSH caused by trestolone and the reduction in LH and subsequent reduction in testosterone.

Facts Regarding RAD140 Or Testolone

RAD140 or Testolone is a SARM  manufactured mainly for people regularly exercising their body and looking for a product to elevate performance.  It is a product of Radius Health Inc. It works as a PPAR receptor with a strong, active force to manage inflammatory actions of the body and handle its metabolic rate.  The drug stimulates these receptors to achieve the desired cell differentiation and proliferation while reducing the promotion of visceral fat in the body.  It also enhances the antioxidant protection of your whole body by automatically improving the regulation of your cellular functions.
Apart from controlling your cellular functions, RAD140 or Testolone works as a PPAR receptor to give you strong and positive musculoskeletal effects.  Testolone can bind to androgen receptors in your body and interact with androgens like androgenic anabolic hormone testosterone to achieve the same effects as testosterone hormone.  This supplement aims to give a strong anabolic action,  muscle rebuilding and strengthening,  enhanced body fat loss, and bone strengthening.
Unlike usual anabolic steroids, RAD140 does not have major side effects linked to it. The reason lies behind the compound’s selective working. It offers similar effects to anabolic steroids minus the affecting/charging of their body organs.

What Can One Expect From RAD140 Or Testolone?

Many people have come forward to share their experiences with this compound. They have claimed it to be highly effective in improving muscle strength and mass. According to different researches and studies on the compound, the RAD140 or Testolone can help with a wide range of benefits if utilized in a controlled manner and schedule.
The researches show the effectiveness of the compound in:

  • Improving Testosterone Levels

The RAD140 or Testolone can help improve the levels of testosterone in the human body.  Therefore,  expect the compound to give you great increments in energy levels.  It can also enhance your workout routine and the velocity at which your body adapts lean muscle mass.

  • Weight Loss

RAD 140 can also be used to cut fat. It aids weight loss by melting down the fats deposited in the body. There is enough evidence to suggest that it enhances fat metabolism, resulting in rapid fat loss and increased energy levels.

  • More Lean Muscle Mass

Another significant effect of RAD140 or Testolone is that it can serve as an amazing lean muscle mass enhancer.  When used in a controlled manner daily,  the compound can see a great improvement in your overall bodybuilding regime.

  • No Steroidal Effects

Hence there are no serious side effects involved.  You can directly use it to promote muscle growth and testosterone level in the body without going through any potential risks or hazards.

  • Positive Brain Effects

Androgens help protect the brain. Similarly, RAD140 has also been reported to increase brain cell growth, memory and decrease amyloid-beta accumulation in the body, the leading cause of Alzheimer’s disease. Testolone promotes better sleep, but again, there are not much clinical data to support the claim.

  • Better Energy And Stamina Levels

As the compound helps increase testosterone levels,  you will automatically notice an increase in your stamina.  Your energy levels will rise, and you will see a sudden boost in your muscle gain capacity.

  • Instant Results Than Ever

The RAD140 or Testolone is rapidly gaining fame among bodybuilding people because of its particular usage and mode of working.  Most of the studies have shown us quick results,  leaving everyone amazed regarding muscle growth and energy.
All these benefits of Testolone are quite impressive and instant; however, remember that researches are still being conducted on the compound. It means that everything is not clear about RAD140 yet! Keeping this in mind, this compound and other SARMs are not suggested for regular use.

  • Breast Cancer

Researchers are studying the effects of Testolone for its potential benefits against breast cancer. The androgen and estrogen receptor-positive form of breast cancer is quite sensitive to hormones. SARMs, including Testolone, feature cancer-fighting potential and can stop the growth of cancerous tumors by blocking the effects of involved receptors. RAD140 has specifically been shown to reduce the effects of the ESR1 gene in individuals at a high risk of developing breast cancer.

RAD140 Or Testolone  Half-Life and Dosage

Let’s start the discussion by keeping in mind that RAD140 or Testolone is one powerful compound in the market.  People with experience with this compound claim that one must pay extra attention to the compound dosage protocol to avoid unfortunate circumstances.  The RAD140 or Testolone is active at 0.01 mg per kg dose of body weight as per studies.  It means that a person can gain muscle mass and other potential benefits of this compound by just consuming a dose of 1 mg per day.
The standard dosage set for RAD140 is from 5- 20 mg per day.  A lot of users also go for 10 mg a day to hit the sweet spot.  However, it is advised that the dose should not exceed more than 20 mg a day as it is a very strong compound, and you don’t need to have it in your body more than that allocated range. The half-life of RAD140 or Testolone is about 16 hours.  It means that people running the cycle must consume it once a day to keep up with the stable levels.

Are There Any Potential Side Effects of Testolone?

Testolone is a new drug; research is ongoing, and the compound is still in its preclinical testing stages. Getting any compound extensively tested and approved by the FDA can take multiple years. The drug has to go through innumerable tests and clinical trials.  Once Testolone is through the preclinical testing stages,  the researchers will start working on the clinical stages.  So far,  they have come up with some of the most notable,  suspected, or proven side effects.  Let’s discuss them one after another:

  • Nausea

Nausea is one of the most common yet minor side effects of using SARM like Testolone for the first time.  Feeling nauseated all the time can be an indication the dosage is too high or your body is working hard to adjust to the new drug.

  • Low Testosterone Levels

It is another most common side effect of using any compound that augments the body’s testosterone levels.  Using Testolone for a prolonged time can negatively impact a person’s ability to produce natural testosterone.  The body starts to depend on the external source,  essentially shutting down its actual production.   When the drug cycle stops, an individual will be left with very little or no testosterone in his body.

  • Liver Damage

Liver damage is indeed a serious side effect that has been discovered recently during Testolone preclinical trials. SARMs can cause significant liver damage, but it is temporary. It can easily be treated once the person stops using Testolone regularly.

  • Acne And Other Skin Conditions

Another minor side effect of using a compound like RAD140 is acne.  It can be because the body needs time to adjust to fluctuating hormone levels in the body.  It might take a couple of months to get used to the product, but it can also be a sign of high doses.

Limitations and Warnings

  • Limited Availability Of The Research And Clinical Evidence

Despite all the researches and studies done on SARMs and RAD140, their benefits in human studies are yet to be explored. Scientists have only been able to test it in rats and monkeys.  Although many athletes,  bodybuilders, and sportsmen use Testolone as a dietary supplement, the long-term benefits and risks are unknown.
Testolone or RAD140 is an unapproved, under-the-table,  unlawful compound with very limited evidence regarding its efficiency and safety.  Nobody knows how safe it is or whether it works as per the manufacturer’s claim.

  • Prohibitions

Like all the other SARMs, RAD140 is also banned in professional sports and bodybuilding competitions by the World Anti-Doping Agency.  Scientists and researchers have already incurred certain methods to detect traces of Testolone in the body.

  • What About Product Status And Standing?

One must stay very vigilant and careful when buying SARMs like RAD140 products online.  According to the recent studies,  researchers analyzed different kinds of SARMs and SARM-related products being sold online.  They found out that only 50% actually included SARMs in the formulation. In contrast, the others contained unauthorized compounds and substances not listed on the pharmacopeias.

RAD140 Or Testolone:  Is It Worth Trying?

This compound is still under the studies of researchers for its impact and action on human health.  It is not legally available in the market. Still, the users have vouched for its efficacy through their positive comments in the reviews.  They speak clearly for amazing and instant results for fat loss and muscle benefits.  However, Testolone is not the only SARM  that gives you great muscle gains in less time,  so why opt for it?
It is best simply for the muscle gains that, according to many users, are not just temporary accretions.   Unlike other products that only give you bloating, RAD140 gives real lean muscle mass and permanent body volume that doesn’t fade away so easily.  This compound aims at perpetual body shape and permanent muscle gains that are greater,  stable, and consistent.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Long It Takes RAD140 TO WORK?

Those who have used or tested this drug claim that it usually takes about 1-2 weeks to kick in fully.

  • Is RAD140 Legal?

No!  This compound has not yet received any marketing approval from the FDA.  The use of authorized products is not ideal and in no way recommended to the general public.  Therefore, it is suggested to opt for a natural alternative SARM to get equally good results while being completely safe with their all-natural composition.  Natural supplements are always legal and do not require a doctor’s prescription to purchase and use.

  • What Needs To Be Considered While Consuming Testolone?

There are some important things that one must follow during their RAD140 consumption cycle, such as:

  • Make sure they are taking a proper and controlled diet. It is necessary to have a strict diet plan made by a dietitian to help with the consumption of this compound.
  • Be regular with your exercise and never skip a single workout day.
  • Follow a proper 8 hours sleep cycle and allow the body to heal/recover from the use of a new drug.


RAD140 is among the most popular investigational drug, mostly known for its muscle-building action. It is a SARM compound that helps increase muscle mass,  stamina, and energy.  Many researchers and investigators are currently exploring this compound’s long-lasting impact on human safety, health,  efficiency, side effects, and other potential risks.  Based on the available evidence, It is recommended to use Testolone after considering the recommended dosage and the limits of the cycle.


All the information in this article is for research and educational purposes. The facts and figures described in this article are only for the convenience of scientists and researchers. No prescription or dosage of the product is mentioned to prevent the inappropriate use of the compound. Any of the information in this article is not for advertisement purposes. This research article does not encourage the self-medication or self-prescription of the drug for bodybuilding or weight loss. In case of need, you need to consult your physician before taking part in any such practice.


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Disclaimer: “This product is intended for medical research purposes only. This product is not for human consumption. You must be a licensed and qualified healthcare practitioner to work with this product.”