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Summer Fitness Tips To Help You Maintain Your Routine

Summer Fitness Tips To Help You Maintain Your Routine

Summer is usually an end goal for many bodybuilders, who want to look their best for beach days and vacations. But summer shouldn’t signal the end of your efforts – it should help give you the motivation you need to continue your fitness journey throughout the summer months.

But summer can be a difficult time to stick to your fitness routine. Being away from home, or out of your usual habits might mean your sessions slip, taking away your hard-gotten gains. If you want to avoid disappointment once the summer is over, then it’s time to get your head in the game and make a plan for how you’ll stay in shape this summer.

Here are some of our best summer fitness tips to help you maintain your routine.

Set some new goals

After a period of sticking to the same workouts, you can begin to feel bored. And your body will be bored too. Setting some new goals is a great way to keep you motivated during the summer months, giving you something to aim for. 

Start from scratch and create a routine that’s right for you. A 10 or 12-week plan is a great length of time for you to achieve a new goal, helping you set smaller achievable goals to help you progress. With your plan in place to get you through the summer months, you can get excited about the workouts to come, finding the drive to put the work in.

Plot out what the next few months look like

Planning ahead is a good way to stop your summer plans from getting in the way of your fitness. Look ahead at any plans you’ve made, including vacations, weddings, trips and anything else that could possibly interrupt your routine. Find ways to work around them so you can keep up your gym sessions, without missing out on the fun.

Making plans in advance may seem unnecessary, but you’ll be glad you gave it some thought when the time comes. Even if you just give yourself a brief outline of your whereabouts for the next few months, you can then look at each week or two-week period in more detail, fitting your workouts around your routine. 

Adjust your routine

Mixing up your routine can be a good thing. It can keep things fresh, help you establish when you’re at peak performance and simply give you a change of scene. In the summer, the long hot days can give you an excuse to mix things up. You might decide to become a morning person and start your workouts early, or you may prefer to get it done once the sun’s gone down and things are a little cooler. Work out what’s best for you to help you find a routine that you can stick to. 

Going on vacation? Find a gym!

Going on vacation is one of the most challenging times for your fitness routine. Sure, a vacation is a time to relax, but overdoing it at the breakfast buffet may not be the best thing if you want to maintain your physique.

While it’s important to have some rest, finding a gym on vacation can help you maintain some form of fitness routine, even if it’s a little more scaled back than usual. A morning gym session can be a great way to start the day, clearing your head ready to enjoy the rest of the day.

Alternatively, take the time to enjoy some activities you may not normally do, including running, tennis, water sports, and even some yoga. Vacation is a time for trying new things, and you might just find something new to add to your fitness routine.

Maintain a balanced diet

Maintaining a balanced diet is key to maintaining your hard work over the summer months. There is all kinds of temptation at this time, from dining out every day at restaurants to summer cookouts. And while it’s good to enjoy yourself now and then, it’s important to maintain some balance and adopt an ‘everything in moderation’ rule. The right diet will supplement your fitness routine, giving you the energy to power through your workouts and help you build muscle.

Make sure you get enough sleep

Sleep is important for everyone, but when you’re in a constant fitness routine, you have to prioritize your sleep. Sleep will help your body recharge and recover after a tough session, but it will also help boost your mood and focus. You should be aiming for eight hours of sleep every night, so keep that in mind when you’re planning your routine.

Summer can be a difficult time for sleep, especially when the weather is particularly hot and humid. Try some of the following tips to help you sleep comfortably at night.

  • Take a cool shower before bed.
  • Open your windows once it starts to get dark to let any warm air trapped in your place out. If you have bug nets and it’s safe to do so, you may want to consider leaving your windows open at night to help cool air flow into your bedroom.
  • Spray your sheets with water to make them a little cooler at night.
  • Wear breathable clothing to bed, or better yet, wear nothing at all.

Where possible, maintain a strict bedtime to help you get the rest you need.

Use SARMs to enhance your workouts

If you want to boost your performance over the summer months, consider starting a SARMs cycle. Using SARMs to enhance your workouts can help you promote muscle growth, lose weight and improve your endurance, helping you achieve your goals.

Using lab-tested SARMs supplements can help you ensure you’re using a safe, pure product. Using SARMs in a cycle will help you maintain your hormone levels, and make sure you’re not becoming too reliant on them.

With different SARMs products available, it’s important to find the right one for your needs. Some of the bestselling labtested SARMs at BMM Supplements include:

Always check you’re using a labtested product before you start taking SARMs, and ensure you follow all instructions carefully. If you’re travelling overseas this summer, you may need to check the different rules and regulations of the country you’re visiting to ensure you can legally take your SARMs with you.

Measure your progress

Even your best-laid plans can sometimes derail, especially as summer fun gets in the way. One tip to help you stay motivated is to measure your progress. Take some before photos and take your measurements and track your progress week by week.

If you find your motivation waning after several weeks of sticking to your routine, you’ll be able to look at your progress to see that it’s all been worth it. This can help spur you to carry on, even if you feel like giving up. 

Should your drive disappear completely, consider enlisting a friend to help keep you on track. Working out can be more enjoyable with someone else, and give you another person to commit to beside yourself. You might also want to think about switching up your routine if something isn’t working for you after a few weeks.

Work hard, but give yourself time to relax

Maintaining your fitness routine throughout the summer is important, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be all work and no play. Summer is the perfect time to relax, and you should give yourself the time to enjoy it. 

Rest days are important at any time of year, so make sure you stick to them to give your body the chance to recover and avoid injuries. Consider factors such as the weather too – if it’s too hot outside, it’s ok not to train for a few days. Look at some less tiring activities to help you avoid exhaustion and dehydration. 

After working hard throughout the year so far, you deserve a great summer. It’s a chance to celebrate your hard work, and show off your body if that’s what you’re into. But remember that, just because you’ve reached a goal, doesn’t mean the work stops there. Sticking to your gym sessions, maintaining a healthy diet and using lab-tested supplements like SARMs can help you maintain your achievements, for a body you can be proud of.

Keep up your fitness routine throughout the summer months to help you maintain some good habits year-round.

And if you’re looking for lab-tested SARMs, then BMM Supplements has everything you need. Browse our online store and take a look at some high-quality SARMs supplements to help enhance your fitness routine.


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