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SARMs: Discussing the Top 4 Variants and How they Help!

Supplements have been a part of any fitness enthusiasts’ journey to a fit body. By the year 2026, sources mention that the global market for supplements is estimated to reach about $349 Billion in revenue. So, for consumers that select their supplements in a wise manner, it surely helps, and the dollar is worth well spent. However, it could be a bit difficult to pick the best supplements when needed, especially when talking about SARMs. So, make sure you go through this blog that discusses the top 7 variants you can choose from when selecting SARMs for cutting.
But, before we do that, let us understand exactly what SARMs are.

SARMs: What are they?

SARMs, also known as Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, are popular for their potential to promote bone strength, muscle growth, & fat loss. These modulators function by attaching themselves to the androgen receptors in the body. Both men & women need and have androgen that helps promote growth and reproduction.

Are SARMs considered steroids?

In most ways, SARMs can be dubbed similar to anabolic steroids. But, the minuscule differences between steroids and SARMs make the latter a safer choice. Firstly, anabolic steroids function as synthetic hormones formulated to increase the testosterone present in our bodies. On the other end, SARMs for sale pack in effect similar to that of testosterone without enhancing the regular testosterone levels. Moreover, SARMs are considered a safer option as compared to steroids, especially if you plan on using them for a long.

Types of SARMs for Cutting

SARMs are ideal for athletes looking forward to bodybuilding or upping their game. There are several SARMs available in the market to help you achieve the same.
1. Ostarine (MK-2866)
Among the popular SARMs, Ostarine is a well-known name. It is among the mildest, least expensive, and most studied SARM available today. Therefore, it is ideal for users that are new to the world of SARMs. It is usually taken orally in 10mg to 25mg dosages. Ostarine helps in the significant reduction of fat while helping boost the muscle mass-building proposition. As you speed up your body’s metabolism, you also experience an increase in energy level. Moreover, Ostarine can easily enhance your endurance, strength, & general athletic performance.
Moreover, Ostarine, when used for prediabetic patients, can help reduce the blood glucose level while improving insulin resistance levels. This SARMs variant has a shorter half-life and is ideal for every day dosing. In addition, this steroid is ideal for people that have lower levels of testosterone as they don’t suppress your body’s normal hormone production.
2. Ligandrol (LGD-1033)
Similar to Ostarine, Ligandrol helps body your body fat while enhancing the lean muscle mass and strengthening it at the same time. In fact, Ostarine and Ligandrol tend to produce optimum results when taken or stacked together during the cutting cycles.
Ligandrol can also be used by people that deal with issues such as stress or other mental health issues. It is also known to increase the user’s sense of well-being. Typically, Ligandrol should be used in 10mg or less dosage. However, as a beginner, you need to start with 5mg and monitor any side effects or result as you go. So, if you are looking for good SARMs for sale, this could be one you might try.
3. Testolone (RAD140)
When looking for SARMs for cutting, another option you can try is the Testolone or RAD140. Also known as Radarine, this SARM is a potent variant that mimics the effects of testosterone very closely. Simply put, it is way more anabolic as compared to testosterone.
This is why it is termed very effective when it comes to muscle building. As scientists continue investigating its use, Testalone can also be used in the future to tackle muscle wasting that is associated with diseases such as cancer.
Even though it is very effective, Testalone needs more studies to warranty long-term safety. This suggests that you need to use the lowest possible dosage in order to achieve the desired effect. However, given that testolone is a powerful SARM, even usage of 15mg can be considered a pretty high dosage.
4. Andarine (S-4)
Another popular choice for SARMs for cutting is the Andarine that helps cut down the fat content in your body. Andarine is also effective against issues such as water retention or bloating while enhancing the weight loss factor.
Like other variants of SARMs, the S-4 also promotes muscle and bone growth. However, it does this in a selective manner without actually causing any damage to the vital organs in your body. With Andarine, the key is, to begin with, a low dosage that ranges between 10 and 25mg, which is effective for users of any type.
Moreover, Andarine is known to suppress the body’s organic testosterone production, which is why you might have to opt for PCT supplements mid-cycle.


Apart from these, there are other SARMs variants that include Cardarine, YK-11, and Ibutamoren. However, they aren’t as popular as the ones listed in this guide. So, make sure you select one that fits your fitness needs. When using SARMs for cutting, make sure you consider your physical health profile and opt for a supplement that delivers just what you need.
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